Thursday, August 25, 2011

Something Different

Sunday afternoon Rhett & I were walking by some luscious green, well maintained grass when I just had to step out of my blue St. John's Bay clogs and walk barefoot on it's softness. Rhett thought I had lost it. I told him, "Sometimes you just have to do stuff like this." It was like stopping to smell the roses. I asked him if he wanted to do it too, but he said he'd have to take off his socks and shoes so he chose not to do as I did; not to follow in my bare footprints! LOL His loss.

Sunday night I did something different than usual for me... I went thru my photo books I use in my art shows searching for a certain one. I had a few new small frames I wanted to try some pics in them. One was a magnet with magenta color surrounding the outside like an oval frame. Several photos fit this which was hard to photograph due to glare. I snapped a quick pic of a woman's face I drew awhile back and it looks really at home inside it like it was meant for her. All are ATC (Artist Trading Card) size! So I was tickled pink. I only had about 20 pics to upload, but I did this activity instead.

Monday morning when I parked the car at work, someone had dropped a Correll bowl or saucer on the pavement. There were parts of it lying scattered about. I picked up one shard that had part of baby blue design on it. I figure I will use it in a piece of art somewhere down the road. This reminded me of the hymn that goes, "Bring Christ your broken life...". I take broken bits and pieces to make art with them! LOL I wanted to get another broken piece when I picked up Rhett from school if it hasn't been cleaned up. It wasn't so I was able to get a 2nd shard of a broken bowl or whatever. I tossed it in my purse without thinking. It was very sharp. I probably should have left it in the car as it could serve as a weapon!

Later in the evening My leg was killing me for some unknown reason. I was looking through my purse for some Alleve, my miracle cure for all my aches and pains. I cut my finger on the shard. Like a dummy I put my finger in my mouth. This had been on the ground! I cleaned my cut and bandaged it. I placed the 2nd shard in plain sight in my craft room so I will see it whenever I decide to use it in an upcoming piece of art or make a mosaic. Perhaps I will use it in a piece I have been adding to that looks like things you would find at the bottom of the bloody sea! LOL Since I cut myself with it, my friend Annica suggested I paint a red background to represent the blood! LOL

I was able to get good copies of the ATC in the pink frame yesterday. Just more variations of my work. Always a good think.

Today on Tuesday, I was ever thankful for laughter and friends.

"only in silence can the earth be heard"
-Pete R. Stone-

It is sort of coincidentally ironic that this quote which was on my motivational calendar for Wednesday after the earthquake in the Washington DC area yesterday. I called my BFF Genie to maker sure she was ok and thankfully she was ok. The movers had just left from delivering her mom's furniture. She was downstairs with the dog when it hit. At 1st she thought it was a really loud car outside which got worse. Having lived in Calif., she knew it was an earthquake so she & the dog got out fast. Thankfully she had no damage. Some pictures on the walls and other places were askew. Her sister-n-law Sharon was in town for Sharon's daughter's emergency surgery. Sharon was on the road when the earthquake hit so she did not feel it. When she arrived at the hospital, people were all standing outside and Sharon didn't know what was going on. A lot of people in Washington thought it had been bombed. Genie said it upset her so bad she had to go to bed for awhile. I am so thankful she is ok and had no damage. That was my thankfulness yesterday and today.

My hubby is having back troubles He left work to go to the ER because he can't see his dr for days. They gave him a shot and scripts which he did not fill! I am having a crown done today so please keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

Well, I survived my crowning! LOL Took 2 Alleve and the pain is gone! I am thankful. What are you thankful for? Care to share? Then please join us at the following...

Quote of the Day:
Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.
~Doris Day~


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