Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

Yesterday afternoon was something else. Mom called @ work but I was on the phone. The way she said my name, I thought something was wrong with Daddy! So my heart is racing. It was only their fridge that went out. She had to call a repairman & told me I'd have to write a check when I brought Rhett. Okay. I told her she scared me to death! My driving timing was much better yesterday on picking him up from school. I told work I might be a little longer returning as I had to go inside to write the check. As I was pulling in her drive, she is calling me to tell the repairman is through. Wasn't a happy camper at that moment. I told her she needed to let someone have time to get somewhere. I wrote the man out a check. $120 just for labor! If I had a business, I couldn't do that to an old person. I'd probably go broke because of it.

After work, I felt the need to get my hair cut & washed. I stopped at a place near work. I should have went to the one near Walmart on Gateway. One lady wouldn't do it. So that meant this German woman named Renatta would do it who is not very good. I told her I did not want it cut!

My tooth that needs a crown is starting to bother me now. So I have to call an make an apptment for that. Dreading that. The last time I had a crown, I worked at JCP. I worked afterwards, but I was trying to lay in chair you couldn't lay in due to the pain!

Last night Rhett & were on the way to the store for Mom. I was backing up when the low oil light flashed on the dash. Then the car was going jerky. I tried to stop in a gas station, but none are willing to help you out now. I so miss the old days more and more. We need more full service stations. We need people willing to help out others. We drove down to O'Reilly's on Wynnton praying we'd make it. Car didn't want to go over 30 mph. Thankfully we made it there. It did need oil. Got some. There is a nice, tall, lanky man who helped me. He had me move the car back to where the pavement was level so he could run a diagnostic on it since the check engine light was still on. It was not firing on all 6 cylinders. Never thought I'd say that. LOL One spark plug is not working. At least it can be driven just not hard. All my cars have been driven hard and dried wet! LOL

So if you need any auto parts, be sure to see this man at O'Reilly's on Wynnton. He told me to send him some business.

We got her few groceries. Had to get her cheaper bread than Colonial but I couldn't go here, there & everywhere. I had been craving Domino's pizza & wings all day. I was starving. We ordered. I thought the guy gave us extra wings. It turned out to be extra cheesy bread which we didn't need. I guess because he thought I was cute or felt sorry for me. It was nice and I guess I should feel flattered as well as grateful, but again I wasn't a happy camper with just one more thing that went wrong. Rhett will eat it whereas I won't unless I get pepperoni to put on it! LOL That guy screwed up one of the pizzas! After what I paid for it, I called to tell him he gave me the wrong pizza. We get a free pizza now, but I have to call from the home phone in order to get it which is near mom's so that will be hard to do. By then I was like a worn out mouse who just meekly said "ok" in an Eeyore like tone. Don was fussing because I didn't check them. After the day I had, who would have? I was hot, tired, starving and threadbare not knowing if we would make it home. I was pretty much just ready to cry, but the tears wouldn't come. Later I was finally able to enjoy "Suits". Love that show. It was my good ending to a bad night. I kept thinking about Rhett's fave baby book Grover's Bad Awful Day. I had one of those.

So I had to drive the monster truck today still sighing over last night's events on the way. After driving the SUV, believe it or not, I feel more comfortable in the truck now. It is hard for me to believe. Of course it needed gas! Getting gas made me a few mins late for work. I have spent over $90 on gas this week. I think I will just stay home the rest of the weekend! LOL Luckily there is a place near the house that can fix the SUV tomorrow. I will have to have it there at 8 am. Hopefully it won't take long. Rhett & could walk to the Goodwill to get him some more jeans! LOL

Hoping the weekend will be better & less stressful than last night! Cindy was wanting to do some Sharpie art to be submitted to That should make me feel better.


Whidbey Woman said...

Wow! You had quite a week. Now that the weekend is here, I hope you can relax!!!

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Whidbey Woman! Great to hear from you again. Yes, I had quite a week or two! LOL No rest for the weary. Had to get up early to take the SUV in for repairs. Another story unto itself. Thanks for stopping by & commenting.