Thursday, August 18, 2011

Music Made Me Happy

"Victory In Jesus" by ~theRAV~

At first it seemed this new protein that the dr prescribed for Daddy gave him diarrhea. He could hardly stand right after he took it a few weeks ago. Because of that, we will had to cancel his apptment with the foot dr I guess we need to not make Monday appointments from here on.

Mom's handicapped sticker expired on 8/10. Rhett started back to school on that day also. So I took the rest of the afternoon off to get that. I also saw old friends I worked with which was a nice change of place and a blessing.

Rhett has to be at school earlier in the morning this year & gets out earlier. Getting him there earlier won't be a problem (I hope if he will get up! LOL ). I will have to be the one to pick him up at least until possibly Oct when Don's job may end again. There goes my lunch hour again. They were nice while they lasted & I enjoyed them. I am thankful I am allowed to take my lunch hour to go pick him up. The nearest hot dog place closed down also. I can only imagine how long my gas will last doing this. I need another job but don't see how I can manage it all. The gas is killing me. Over $50 a week not to mention I am putting over 200 mins on the Trail Blazer.

One of our church members passed away and a memorial service was held after the morning service over a week ago now. It was sad but nice. Life just gets harder and harder now. I was very emotional.

The other weekend I caught up with everyone of Facebook. I sent my condolences to this family via that route. Polly told me I was the only one who said anything to her kids. I am sure she meant on FB. So that made me feel good. We had dinner following the memorial. I took a plate of food to my folks afterwards. I was lucky enough to be able to do this for them two Sundays in a row. Another blessing for all of us.

I had an undescribable moment during that lunch following the memorial... a lady church member asked me if I knew of any art galleries or where she could buy art. DUH! I admit my 1st reaction was just a tad bit of anger. What am I? Chopped liver? Because the Front Porch Gallery on Wildwood in Columbus may have to close soon, I did suggest it to her being the nice person that I am. I suggested the nice man at that framing gallery in East Highland as well. I also told her about the PC art gallery which is open on certain weekends. I did ask what she was looking for, but got a vague response about "just art" for her "new house to match everything". She would be hard to please anyway. I prefer doing art that pleases me. She is having her hard wood floors redone. I would hate to think I did some artwork that she would want re-done! LOL Well, I wouldn't re-do it. I'd just try to hopefully sell what I created to someone else.

I received all 5 postcards from my postcard swap plus from the blog owner who started this swap. 5 mini pieces of art. Cool! So thankful for these small blessings. Some of the handwriting is hard to read so I don't have any links to include for them. Sorry. I haven't had time to send my thank you's to each one yet. Keep saying I need to do this daily and it hasn't gotten done yet much like so many other things in my busy life these days. So I will say thank you here to all who sent me a postcard. I felt like it was Christmas!

I am sorry I did not have time to do a Thankful Thursday post last week. Even thought I did not post one, I was still thankful for my many blessings. The main being that we still have my Daddy with us. I like to think he is better. His appetite has improved which is a blessing unto itself. Life had it's usual ups and downs but thankfully the downs were not rock bottom. Just a lot of maddening moments and a few disappointments. All my days seem to run together into a blur now. Nothing really stands out as extraordinary. I had irritating, maddening moments as well good laughs here and there. I passed some of the laughter on in emails realizing my emails keeps our pastor going who lost his wife in March as well as others. I was FINALLY able to send all my pics from when Jason, Kristina and family were here along with newer ones. I might not have been artistic but I did take photos. I even got a pic of a car with eyelashes! LOL My photos make me happy.

I know we had a really good PC art meeting the 1st of the month. We had more new folks there. I passed out a bird idea to everyone. I thought it went really well. Our church much like my art groups would love to have new people amongst us.
The abstract group met this past Saturday to do ink art. Cindy brought in spray inks. I brought in my black bag of inks and rubber stamps as well as other things. At 1st mine was not really going anywhere. I wasn't sure about these spray inks working well either. As always we each were doing different things. Cindy came up with 2 really neat pieces as did Lugenia. I love offering my suggestions.

I told the other artists I had wanted to start doing art that was more of a religious nature. Because I kept seeing V's in my art, I went with them. I played some of them up. I used my V music note stamp. I also used my many key stamps, a brown inked maple leaf, my tiny raven stamp as my signature, etc. As always I found hearts in my art. LOL Because my favorite hymn is "Victory In Jesus", I knew that was my title for it. The colors are bit different.... browns, blues and sage green. I have a black cross in the center. I was pretty pleased with it. I did a 2nd one but I prefer this one. The second one is more browns and the sage with zebra like print and a broken newspaper word rubber stamp throughout it with a big brown heart at it's center.

Rhett even did one using my brown ink & stamps. His was more of a religious nature too. He came up with some neat ideas. When he used the broken newspaper word rubber stamp, he marked through some of the words. I would never have thought of that. So he blew me away once again. On certain background stamps, he wrote words across them. I was proud of him. I also must learn to just let him do art his way not my way. I thought he was over-doing the word stamp, told him to not over-do, but later realized it worked.

I showed the original to some church members Sunday and they all liked it.

I am thankful I got to see my Aunt Pearl this weekend. It seems her palsy is worse. I just wanted to feed her myself. She is as skinny as Daddy now.

I was able to pick up pics I printed at Wolf camera this week and will have more to pick up this afternoon. Their copies are 7 cents each on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Their 5x7's are only 57 cents! I didn't have time to do 5x7's this week. Maybe next week... I am able to get copies for our preacher to enjoy as well as others. I gave a 4x6 "Victory In Jesus" to Velvet last night at church.

I am thankful my parents raised me right. I am thankful I would be a better house guest. I would not dare say, "I always have a banana and chocolate milk for breakfast" knowing those in the house are unable to go to a grocery store now. Or want to take chocolate milk from an elderly person who needs it to take his medicine.

Please keep our friend Joey who Don worked for a few months ago in your prayers. He had to have gall bladder surgery. I think they had to operate the old fashioned way. His had turned gangrenous. Thank you. Hopefully my BFF arrived back at home safely today.

Today I am thankful I got some of my art to upload on this post. It is about time!

This week I have enjoyed listening to Pandora radio. This is dating me here but I heard the song "500 Miles" by Johnny Rivers. I have not heard that song in probably 20 years. I have it on a Sonny & Cher album. I prefer Cher's version to Johnny's though. So I went back to the 60's. By listening to this radio, I learned I am more than a little bit country. LOL I heard songs from when Don and I were dating and going country line dancing. Even found Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" on there! So this week music made me happy and I am thankful. What are you thankful for? Care to share? Then please join us at Thankful Thursday at the following....

PS. I added the words "Victory In Jesus" to the photo of this art.

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