Friday, April 15, 2011

"It Is What It Is"

I did this altered art at the art class last month and I fell in love with her. Her name is Isla. The title of it is "It Is What It Is". Isla hung in the art studio as a color copy for well over a month. I have been told it/she is "mesmerizing" by another artist. She is loved by many. She is now encased in a black frame and to be shown at the art show tomorrow. I am taking orders for her reproductions unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse! LOL The lady who works at Wolf Camera loved her too and kept making such postive comments.

Isla inspired me to run around town looking for lacy things. I began at Hancock Fabricks two days after her creation. I took pics of myself thru many layers of lace. I bought small amounts of two pieces of lacey materials. I photographed my son, my mom, girls at church and my BFF church friend's daughter Tiffany who had the best shot. I found lacey blouses at Dillard's and captured my eye thru that lace. One was mint green which went well with my green eye. Some black lace made me look like I had a tatoo over my eye! LOL I found a bra at Khol's that worked well. My DIL cannot believe I put my eye in a bra! LOL What this artist will do for a photograph! So I have a series of these photos. The mint green one will be in the art show also. At Kohl's I found 2 glittery scarves on sale. One blue the other black. I prefer the blue one. They have sequins hanging down and they were used as a headband on a little girl, but I feel she is smiling too much in the photo. I wanted the same mood I had in Isla's which is more haunting than happy.

I could just stare at Isla forever and a day. I dare not put her up at work for that would be what I would do all day! LOL I most proud of her. In my opinion, she is one of my best pieces of artwork that I have created thus far. I have been told I need to put her on and I shall when I am less busy with an art show. I was even told she'd make a great postage stamp. She'd look good anywhere.

I hope to create more like her although maybe I should just leave well enough alone. Wish me luck on the art show tomorrow. Pray it doesn't rain.

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