Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Near Perfect Saturday

Real Life is so much better than work! If I got paid for today it would be so worth more than a million bucks! We took mom to get her hair cut. Rhett & I both got shampoos. I took my hair products with me since it is my wet look season now. We were supposed to go over to Jena's to take their wedding gifts and let mom see their newly remodeled house that belonged to my BFF Genie's parents. The beauty shop took longer than expected so we had to reschedule the visit at 1 pm. For once we were early, but Jena & Colby were not back from their lunch yet so we rode around the block twice and passed them! LOL Mom loved the house. Jena has put so much of herself into it. She is so creative and artistic. So proud of her as if she were my own. She gave me lots of ideas. Like I needed more! LOL.

We got to see the photos the professional photographer took and they were absolutely amazing. Here is the link to their photos...

Today was also Jena's birthday. Along with the wedding gifts, I had a birthday card for her. I had my pics of the wedding for her along with copies for Genie. Jena really liked some of mine better than the photographer's! WOW! I just had to ask what this photographer cost. I am in the wrong business! I almost let it slip that IF we moved to Indy, I had thought about photographing weddings but remembered mom was sitting right there!
The gift I gave them matched their house perfectly as I knew it would. It was one of those memory board with a filigree background in dark browns with dark brown ribbon. Not my colors but Jena's. Jena said she could put the pics I gave them in it. I had not thought of that! Cool! Mom gave them a beautiful glass tray that has swans for handles on each side. Very unusual. Jena said they are having a house warming in August which I hope to be invited to attend.

We so enjoyed our visit with them. Then we went to the library so mom could get a library card which I can use so I don't have to pay the $30 fee for a card. After that we went to Country's. I wanted a steak sandwich. Mom got barbecue. Rhett got a steak sandwich too. They were HUGE! We could have split one. I cut mine in half. The rest will be Don's supper.

I have to tell you I have a wonderful son who has learned to pray awesome prayers. He wanted to say the blessing. I guess mom was so hungry she had already taken a bite out of her sandwich. There she was with this big bite in her mouth looking like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! It was funny. She apologized. Then Rhett said the prayer. He asked our Father in Heaven to be with his Grandma as she struggles without her loved one and to be with his mom as she struggles too. I lost it right there in Country's but I could not be prouder of him.

Then at times Rhett can get on my last nerve. I have gotten where I am constantly saying, "Stop acting like an igmoo!" I do this instead of saying the word idiot! Of course he wants to know what an igmoo is. I just tell him it is the way he is acting. I got a really good picture of Rhett with his head on mom's shoulder that will be her birthday present on 7/3. Just another perfect moment captured on a digital camera. She told him she loved him except when he is acting "afflicted". He didn't know what that word meant either. I was trying to explain that it was a much older person's word for someone retarded! About that time my nearly deaf mom said the word "retarded" really loud. We had such a good laughter about that. I went from tears of sadness to tears from laughing so hard. It was a good day.

We saw one of Daddy's old friends. He said he kept looking in the paper for my artwork. LOL I told him I didn't win anything at the show. He asked why not. I told him because I am not the apples, pears, grapes and fruit kind of artist. He suggested I take pictures of them instead! Great idea. Wouldn't that be something if I did that and won next year? LOL He told me not to give up. Never! I am not the giving up type. Then he and mom talked. He lost his wife to cancer not long ago. Rhett thinks he looks like Col. Sanders because he has that funny mustache. As we were leaving my comedian son said,"I didn't know Col. Sanders ate barbecue." Leave it to Rhett. But I love that he has such a great sense of humor. Just like his Momma.

I do hope you have had as great a day as we have had. Would that they all could be like this one was for us.

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