Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Cooking Tip

Hi! I found boxes of Ronzoni noodles at Walmart that are called "Quick Cook" for $1.23 a box. They take less time to cook than normal by about half! About 5 minutes! A few years ago McCormick had some of them called "Micro Cook" where you cooked them in the microwave, but I guess they didn't sell well or I was the only one buying them! LOL I had found them online for awhile. These are just as good by Ronzoni. They didn't have them in elbows at Walmart, but they had the long noodles like in the Kraft mac-n-cheese boxes. I know we all could use the quickest way to fix things during this busy season. This is helpful hint is my gift to you, but please don't call me Martha Stewart! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!


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